"Every art should become science, and every science should become art."

Friedrich von Schlegel

The Shnyrova Lab

Mechanisms of Cellular Membrane Remodeling

Tools manufacturing for 

membrane remodeling studies

We use advanced techniques and new lipid membrane templates to learn the rules of cellular games.

Giant Suspended Bilayers, an alternative to Giant Unilamellar Vesicles. More

A microfluidic device for semi-automatic production of membrane nanotubes.


Advanced biophysics tools to study membrane remodeling at a single protein level. More.

Fission and fusion by dynamins

It all begun some 2 billion years ago, when endosymbiosis changed forever the internal world of eukaryotic cells. The sudden engulfment of bacteria, allowed the eukaryotic cells to have an alternative source of energy, but another important evolution step took place through the symbiosis. This mostly overlooked event was the birth of a new protein family, called dynamins, that took control over the dynamics of the endomembrane systems in Eukaryotes. We want to understand how the evolution of dynamins correlates with that of endomembrane systems.

The mechanism(s) of membrane fission by classical dynamins. More

Drp1 and mitochondrial fission (work in progress)

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